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Welcome to Franklin Woods Intermediate School
Franklin Woods
Intermediate School

Home of the Bulldogs!
1831 Finland Avenue
Columbus, Ohio
(614) 801-8600
(614) 801-8601 (fax)
Attendance Line:
(614) 801-8602
Andy Stotz, Principal
Jamie Clark, Assistant Principal

                                                  Karen Harrison   -   &   -  Julie Hartig      

A brand new district and building website that will be accessed through GOOGLE !!!

While students are enjoying their summer break, the work has not stopped at
Franklin Woods!
Our custodians are very busy cleaning and getting the entire building prepared for the new school year.
They clean every desk, chair and piece of furniture.
Here's a few pictures of part of a hallway with furniture moved out so the classrooms can be cleaned from top to bottom.

  Summer 2014 Cleaning 001.jpg            Summer 2014 Cleaning 003.jpg

   Summer 2014 Cleaning 004.jpg            Summer 2014 Cleaning 006.jpg
Thank you, Mr. Harrison, Ms. Phillips and Mrs. Swank for all your hard work!

(and thanks to Mrs. Hall and Mr. Morgan for filling in when needed!)

Here are a few pictures from Field Day

Field Day 2014.jpg             Field Day Jousting 2014.jpg

  Field Day 2014 2.jpg        Field Day 2014 1.jpg



    This Week...deep red0.png
  June 3 - September 1

First day for students after Summer Break
is Tuesday, September 2, 2014.
5302014_122512_0.png   is scheduled for August 28, 2014
from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m.

Check out a video from some of our students.....

Our Anti-Bullying Club members have produced a video:    

Our Spring Choir Concert was held on May 20.
Our sixth graders worked very hard on learning new songs to perform.
Five soloists were highlighted:
Iqra Abdi & Que'Yani Dawson
Rhiannon Hubbard
Makaela Lesley
Madison Murry
Cicely Reed

Box Tops really do add up!
Our most recent check from General Mills
(they sponsor Box Tops):
           Box Tops Check May 2014 001.jpg

Thanks to all the families who clipped and sent in Box Tops.
This check will help pay for our next author visit!!  Keep clipping!

Career Day for 6th graders
 Career Day May 2014 002.jpg       Career Day May 2014 005.jpg

 Career Day May 2014 006.jpg      Career Day May 2014 004.jpg
Mrs Meade, one of our sixth grade teachers, contacted and organized all our professional speakers who came and explained their careers to our sixth grade students.
Mrs. Leasure from our ERC was in charge of breakfast and lunch that was served to all our guests speakers.
The day was very informative for our students.
Thank you Mrs Meade and Mrs Leasure for putting together such a wonderful day for our sixth graders!

Our Drama Club presented Lewis & Clark in May.
                     LEWIS AND CLARK May 2014.pdf
        Drama Club May 2014 002.jpg
Mr. Chasser and Mr. Stasko helped prepare our students for this presentation.  Everyone did a fantastic job presenting the show!!

  Drama Club May 2014 004.jpg              Drama Club May 2014 006.jpg

         Drama Club May 2014 009.jpg               Drama Club May 2014 011.jpg

       Drama Club May 2014 014.jpg               Drama Club May 2014 019.jpg

              Drama Club May 2014 001.jpg
              The Cast of Lewis & Clark

Outstanding Educator

                     Outstanding Ed Apr 2014.jpg
Cameron Baker, our Choir Director, is our Outstanding Educator for the 2013-2014 school year.  This is his second year here teaching choral music.
He is well liked and respected by the entire Franklin Woods Community!

Our Mathletes competed recently in the district competition with other intermediate schools.  We tied for third place!   They worked very hard to prepare for the math competition.  Thanks to Ms Fuller, Ms Hopkins, Ms Kozar & Mrs Lloyd for coaching our kids and getting them prepared for this event!!

                Mathletes Competition April 2014 001.jpg                  Mathletes Competition April 2014 002.jpg

                Mathletes Competition April 2014 006.jpg                Mathletes Competition April 2014 007.jpg

                Mathletes Competition April 2014 008.jpg              Mathletes Competition April 2014 009.jpg

      Mathletes Competition April 2014 017.jpg              Mathletes Competition April 2014 010.jpg


Congratulations to Matt McCloskey, our 2014 Helping Hand Winner.
Mr. McCloskey comes in every Friday and spends a couple hours volunteering in the cafeteria during lunch time.  When he's available, he comes additional days during the week. He also started Hang Time, which some of our students participate in once a month after school.
                        Helping Hands Feb 2014.jpg
                               Mrs. Clark, Mr. McCloskey and Mr. Stotz

To see our most current Bulldog Bulletin,
click the last folder up on the left side.

We are South-Western City Schools in Franklin County.
We are completely seperate from Columbus City Schools.

Office:                                 801-8600
Fax:                                            801-8601
Attendance Line:                801-8602

Our School Day
 8:45 am  -  students may enter the building and wait in the tower,
                  breakfast begins
 8:55 am  -  students may go to homeroom
 9:10 am  -  tardy bell rings ~ all students must be in class
 3:50 pm  -  dismissal begins with walkers & car riders
 4:30 pm  -  office closes


Our sixth graders and their families enjoyed a free pizza dinner and a Bulldog Welcome from Mr. Stotz at our first annual HALF-WAY DAY Celebration held the last week of January.
Speakers included Alex Caplinger (a Bulldog alum) who spoke about her Journey to College.
She was very inspiring and concluded with three main points: 
Be proud of where you came from; Never be afraid to ask for help; Enjoy the ride. 


                   clip_image002.jpg                       clip_image03.jpg

Approximately thirty students (from Honor Society, sports and different clubs) from Franklin Heights explained the various opportunities offered at the high school level and about being Falcon Strong!  Their principal, Mr. Jados, spoke about the new high school scheduled to open in the Fall of 2015.  Our families then broke into three groups with the high school students to participate in some fun team-building activities which included learning about The Falcon Way, career readiness and college life.

                       clip_image04.jpg                    clip_image05.jpg

Thanks to all our families who participated in
our first annual HALF-WAY DAY!

























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